Mazda Announces New Design Theme:‘KODO – Soul of Motion’
- World debut of Mazda SHINARI, the first concept car embodying new design theme -

(HIROSHIMA, Japan): Mazda Motor Corporation today announced

Mazda’s new design theme, ‘KODO – Soul of Motion,’ and the design

concept model, Mazda SHINARI, a pure expression of this new theme.

Since launching its first passenger car, the Mazda R360 Coupe,

exactly 50 years ago, Mazda has spent many years exploring the concept of

‘motion,’ offering customers designs that are exciting both to view and to

drive. In particular, since the launch of the Zoom-Zoom brand message,

Mazda has pursued the concept of more athletic and sporty motion, and has

adopted dynamic designs for all Mazda models starting with the Mazda6 and

followed by the RX-8 and the Mazda2. In recent years, this motion-based

design has been further extended to incorporate the theme of ‘motion inspired

by nature,’ embodied in the Mazda NAGARE concept car series and the allnew


As a result of these initiatives, since the launch of the first Mazda6 in

2002, Mazda design has been the subject of great acclaim, receiving 30

global awards for car design alone.

Ikuo Maeda, the head of Mazda’s Design Division, explains the new

design theme in this way: “In our work to further evolve the expression of

motion, Mazda Design has focused on the strength, beauty and tension found

in the instantaneous movement seen in animals. This motion that is so full of

vitality that it stirs the emotions of those who see it. We have named it ‘KODO

– Soul of Motion’, and our aim is to express movement with forceful vitality

and speed as the design theme for Mazda’s upcoming models.”

Maeda continues, “Mazda’s four design studios located in Japan

(Hiroshima and Yokohama), Europe (Frankfurt, Germany), and North America

(Irvine, California) are currently combining to take up the challenge to achieve

a breakthrough in the expression of motion in car design, and incorporate this

expression into our future products.”


Mazda SHINARI is a 4-door, 4-seat, sports coupe and a pure

expression of the new design theme, ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’, in its idealized

form. Mazda SHINARI showcases several new design elements that will carry

forward into production, and represents the first initiative by Mazda Design to

express ‘KODO – Soul of Motion.’

The Japanese word shinari describes the powerful yet supple

appearance of great resilient force when objects of high tensile strength, such

as steel or bamboo, are twisted or bent. It also refers to the appearance of a

person or animal as it flexes its body in preparation for a fast movement, and

it is these images that form the basis for the name of this concept car.

With images of strength flowing across every panel and part, the

Mazda SHINARI looks ready to leap at any second. This form incorporates

the expression of a strong backbone running through the body, the sudden

release of pent-up energy, and the interplay of beautiful, supple movements.

The distinctive front fenders represent the further evolution of the prominent

fenders introduced on the RX-8. They highlight the dynamic movement

expressed in the sides of SHINARI, in a style that is both sporty and elegant.

Together with the further three-dimensional sculpting of the front grille, the

design proudly emphasizes the Mazda lineage. There is a powerful line of

movement originating at the grille and continuing through the bonnet, fender,

front lamp modules and bumper. Finally, an aluminum floating bar linking the

grille with the headlights enhances the three-dimensional expression of


In the interior, Mazda Design has created the ‘ultimate athletic space’

focused on linking ergonomics with basic mechanical functions. We have

designed the optimum space for both the driver cockpit, to enable the driver

to focus on the task of driving, as well as the passenger environment, offering

a sense of openness. In this model, Mazda offers new ideas for the humanmachine

interface in cockpit design, enabling the driver to switch at will

between three modes: Business, Pleasure and Sport, to enjoy driving in line

with the situation at the time.

Mazda SHINARI, the first of Mazda’s concept cars to embody the

design theme ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’

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